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The diverging effects of erythropoietin and U-74389G on Y-glutamyl transferase levels

C. Tsompos, C. Panoulis, K Utouzas, A. Triantafyllou, Cg. Ografos, K. Tsarea, M. Karamperi, A. Papalois

Abstract :

Aim: This study calculated the effects on gamma-glutamyltransferase (gt) levels, after treatment with either of 2 drugs: the erythropoietin (Epo) and the antioxidant lazaroid (L) drug U-74389G. The calculation was based on the results of 2 preliminary studies, each one of which estimated the certain influence, after the respective drug usage in an induced ischemia reperfusion (IR) animal experiment. Materials and methods: The 2 main experimental endpoints at which the serum gt levels (gtl) were evaluated was the 60th reperfusion min (for the groups A, C and E) and the 120th reperfusion min (for the groups B, D and F). Specially, the groups A and B were processed without drugs, groups C and D after Epo administration; whereas groups E and F after the L administration. Results: The first preliminary study of Epo presented a non significant hyptransferasemic effect by 4.62%+12.56% (p-value=0.5534). The second preliminary study of U-74389G presented a non significant hypertransferasemic effect by 1.24%+13.20% (p-value=0.8877). These 2 studies were co-evaluated since they came from the same experimental setting. The outcome of the co-evaluation was that these 2 drugs have diverging metabolic effects on serum gtl. (p-value=0.0000). Conclusions: The anti-oxidant capacities of U-74389G ascribe anabolic effects rather than catabolic ones Epo ascribes to serum gtl (p-value=0.0000).

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The diverging effects of erythropoietin and U-74389G on γ-glutamyl transferase levels, C.Tsompos, C. Panoulis, K Τοutouzas, A. Triantafyllou, CG. Ζografos, K.Tsarea, M. Karamperi, A. Papalois, International Journal Of Pure Medical Research, Volume : 3, Issue : 9, September - 2018

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