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Biomarker For Insulin Resistant In Type 2 Diabetes Among South Indians

N. Banu, K. S. Elango

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Objective: In Type 2 diabetes, Insulin resistant leads microvascular and macrovascular complication. Early finding prevents from this complication and it is a challenging task. A decade research shows adiponectin may be a marker for insulin resistant. Increasing the level of adiponectin prevent the progression of insulin resistant(IR). In this research we are striving adiponectin as a biomarker for IR was assessed through receiver operating characteristic curve(ROC) also associating the correlation with lipid parameter in the South Indian population. Materials and Methods: 30 Type 2 Diabetic patients, 20 Controls were studied. Fasting serum sample were used to measure Adiponectin, Insulin. Fasting plasma sample were used to measure Glucose. Anthropometric data including height, weight, BMI and lipid parameters(HDL, LDL) were measured using a standard technique. Result: The receiver operating characteristic curve (ROC) shows moderate discrimination for Adiponectin as a biomarker. The Adiponectin assay has Sensitivity(40%), Specificity(70%), Positive likelihood ratio(1.33), Negative likelihood ratio(0.86), Disease prevalence(60%), Positive predictive value(66.67%), Negative predictive value(43.75%), Accuracy(52%). The reduction of mean adiponectin value observed in study group compared to control group. Also, the correlation of Fasting blood sugar(FBS) and Adiponectin in control is negative correlation, whereas in study group its positive correlation but both the subjects its highly significant. For lipid parameters, correlation of HDL and LDL with adiponectin in control and study group is positive correlation also its highly significant. For the prediction of insulin resistant biomarker, Adiponectin yielded on ROC-AUC of 0.46, which is a moderate agreement. Conclusion: Adiponectin might be a prediction for biomarker in Type 2 diabetes associated insulin resistant among South Indians if test has been done with the high specificity and sensitivity of the ELISA kit to arrive good discrimination.

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BIOMARKER FOR INSULIN RESISTANT IN TYPE 2 DIABETES AMONG SOUTH INDIANS, N. Banu, K.S. Elango, International Journal Of Pure Medical Research, Volume : 3, Issue : 4, April - 2018

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