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Prediabetes Deserves More Attention: A Review

Irfan G Mulla, Ashish Anjankar, Sandip Lambe, Ashok Shinde

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AIM & OBJECTIVES: This review aims to describe the epidemiology of prediabetes and discusses current challenges in the field.MATERIALS AND METHODS: We performed a systematic review of the literature consisting of observational or cross-sectional studies, which reported the risk factors of pre-diabetes CONCLUSION: At present there is no concrete evidence to formulate clinical guidelines for the treatment of prediabetes. Lifestyle interventions remain an essential part of the management of prediabetes.

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HbA1C   2hBG   FBG  

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PREDIABETES DESERVES MORE ATTENTION: A REVIEW, Irfan G Mulla, Ashish Anjankar, Sandip Lambe, Ashok Shinde, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PURE MEDICAL RESEARCH : Volume-8 | Issue-10 | October-2023

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