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Hta And Adrenal Tumors About 12 Cases And Literature Review

Lagziri A Malki H. Faliouni M. Berrada N El. Zbir

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Introduction: Thanks to the advanced imaging techniques and the advent of laparoscopic surgery, the approach of hypertension due to adrenal tumor pathology has been known enormous progress. Materials and methods: This is a retrospective study having interested 12 cases of hypertension due to adrenal tumors, collected from visceral surgery service I at the Military Training Hospital Mohamed V of Rabat, over a period going from January 2010 until December 2017. Objective: This work aims to shed light on this pathology, to analyze its epidemiological particularities and to detail the modalities of diagnostic and therapeutic management. Results: In our series, the average age of our patients is 45 years, with a female predominance and a sex ratio of 1, 4. Clinically-biologically: all patients were hypertensive with an average of 183 / 115mmhg, Menard's triad was present in 1 patient, with pain and gravity sensation of the right hypochondrium in 3 patients and sensation of right flank gravity in 1 patient only, however 58.3% (7 patients) were asymptomatic. 41.6% (5 patients) had hypokalemia at the time of diagnosis, while 58.4% (7 patients) had normal kaliemia. Hormonal secretion was found in 58.3% of cases. Radiologically, abdominal CT was the most requested examination, performed in 10 patients and supplemented with MRI in 2 cases. The tumor size varies from 2.3 to 19 cm with an average of 7 cm.

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HTA and adrenal tumors about 12 cases and literature review, LAGZIRI A MALKI H.FALIOUNI M.BERRADA N EL.ZBIR, International Journal Of Pure Medical Research, Volume : 2, Issue : 9, September - 2017

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