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Adverse Reaction After Blood Donation In Blood Bank

Chimeli Victoria Obiajulu, Maria Ihotuu Owoicho Agbo Inedu, Ogbole Ehi Ochanya, Ajit Pal Singh

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We all know blood donation is one of the most important procedure in the blood bank. As blood is supposed to be the most vital fluid which is required in most of the surgeries, gun shot, stab wound, accidental and anemic patients etc. After a strict pre-donation checkup ensuring the safety of the donor phlebotomist takes out the blood. Most of the times the blood donation procedure comes out perfectly normal, but still at some cases due to various reasons the donor encounters the adverse reactions which can be fatal if not treated properly.

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Blood   Donation   Adverse   Reaction   Blood Bank  

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ADVERSE REACTION AFTER BLOOD DONATION IN BLOOD BANK, Chimeli Victoria Obiajulu, Maria ihotuu-owoicho Agbo-inedu, Ogbole Ehi Ochanya, Ajit Pal Singh, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PURE MEDICAL RESEARCH : Volume-7 | Issue-10 | October-2022

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