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Platelet indices and periodontal diseases: in pursuit of a novel biomarker

Sivasai Prasad Reddy Dandu, Vinay Ram Kaipa, Prathibha Gojja, Sashi Rekha Kosuri, Tanmai Kaveti, Sai Praveen Kottu

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PURPOSE: Platelets plays an important role in inflammation and haemostasis. Periodontitis a chronic inflammatory disease shown to be associated with an increase in platelet activation leading to increased risk for atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases.AIM: To evaluate whether platelet indices (MPV, PDW, and PCT) would be a useful biomarker for determining severity of periodontal disease and to assess the platelet indices in patients with periodontitis and compare to matched healthy controls.MATERIALS AND METHODS: Study included 3 groups- Moderate Periodontitis, Severe periodontitis, and systemically healthy controls without periodontitis. Clinical parameters were recorded i.e.; CAL and probing pocket depth and venous blood samples were drawn for the analysis of MPV, PDW, PCT.RESULTS: The periodontitis and the platelet indices are statistically analysed. Comparison among 3 groups was done using Anova test with post-hoc tukeys test. Comparison of mean platelet indices was done using one sample t- test.CONCLUSION: Chronic inflammatory process in patients with periodontitis results in not only increasing in the number of platelets but also causes platelet activation which leads to change in platelet size, platelet shape, platelet aggregation. As periodontitis causing platelet activation which seems to be a contributing factor in the development of cardiovascular diseases.

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PLATELET INDICES AND PERIODONTAL DISEASES: IN PURSUIT OF A NOVEL BIOMARKER, Sivasai Prasad Reddy Dandu, Vinay Ram Kaipa, Prathibha Gojja, Sashi rekha kosuri, Tanmai Kaveti, Sai Praveen Kottu, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED MEDICINE : Volume-5 | Issue-6 | June-2020

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