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Hepatocellular Carcinoma In Yemen: Epidemiology An...

Al Haimi Mohammed Ahmed, Gamal Abdul Hamid, Ahmed . . .

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Endometriosis is an inflammatory, non-lethal, non-malignant, cancer-like disease as its diagnosis, course and stage determination exactly resembles cancerous states. According to latest theories, endometriosis is caused, inter alia, by a suppressed or incompetent immune system unable to eradicate the non-hemopoietic mesenchymal endometriotic stem cell (MESC) that escapes immune surveillance and, thus, migrates to and invades ectopic tissues. Thus, efforts focus on boosting immune parameters for, at least, minimizing the risk of the disease. Therefore, this short review discusses available approaches, such as those of traditional medicine using commercial formulations, orthomolecular medicine employing vitamin and mineral supplementation, as well as natural product administration based on the teachings of the first Pharmacopeia of Pedanius Dioscorides. These approaches share common pathways for pain alleviation and boosting immunity for potentially intercepting the MESC, thus reducing the risk and/or onset of the disease.

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HEPATOCELLULAR CARCINOMA IN YEMEN: EPIDEMIOLOGY AN..., Al-Haimi Mohammed Ahmed, Gamal Abdul Hamid, Ahmed ..., INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PURE MEDICAL RESEARCH : Volume-1 | Issue-1 | January-2019

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