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The Insight Of Reproductive Health Care Among The Cultural Intense Maasai Communities Of Orkesumet, Northern Tanzania

Bernard Mbwele, Alem Kahsay, Neema Mosha, George Roberts, George Jonas

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Introduction The Maasai are Nilotic ethnic groups of semi-nomadic people who are sometimes thought of as archetypical pastoralists in East Africa. Due to their unique ways of pastoralism they have faced sustainable health access challenges. The Maasai presents with a remarkable knowledge and skills for herbal medicine that cures most of infectious diseases at the same time affects the community acceptance of facility based health care. The purpose of the study is to gain an understanding socio-cultural factors underlying this divergent patterns of reproductive health. Methods The descriptive qualitative cross-sectional study in Orkesumet ward of Simanjiro district was conducted using expert opinions, in-depth interview, focused group discussion and observations through ward leaders support. Findings Majority of remote rural Maasai of Orkesumet ward still rely on traditional medicine for their health care despite availability of nearby health facilities in the district. Some Maasai women presented an experience of antenatal visits unfortunately, majority prefer home delivery with a trust of herbal medicine practice. The community offers a clear description safety, outcome and privacy in their practice of traditional reproductive health versus facility based service. We identified a potential pharmaceutical discoveries from Maasai culture and at the same a gap in accessing of quality reproductive health due to traditional boundaries. Conclusions It is important to review the community specific and cultural boundaries towards accessing quality health. The pragmatic strategies to clear traditional boundaries with evidence based behavior change communications are needed in implementing a change for marginalized in ethnic groups.

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The insight of Reproductive Health Care among the Cultural intense Maasai Communities of Orkesumet, Northern Tanzania, Bernard Mbwele, Alem Kahsay, Neema Mosha, George Roberts, George Jonas, International Journal Of Pure Medical Research, Volume : 4, Issue : 3, March - 2019

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