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The Effects Of Drug Abuse On Youth Productivity In..

Al Haimi Mohammed Ahmed, Gamal Abdul Hamid, Ahmed . . .

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AIM: To describe atypical presentations and follow-up of transgender men and women in situations of cross-hormonal therapy followed at a specialized outpatient clinic. METHOD: a case series comprised of five transgender patients in which atypical findings at presentation and follow-up were observed. RESULTS: Case #1: A 29-year-old transgender woman (TGW) presented with normal bone density and absence of fractures ten years after surgical castration induced by sexual affirming surgery. Possible mechanisms such as initial exposure to testosterone until the age of 19 by natural puberty followed by 9 years of high-dose oral estradiol may well be resulted in residual bone effect. Case #2: Diffuse scaling erythroderma in use of testosterone cypionate in transgenic man with uncertain pathophysiology. Case #3: False elevation of lean mass at full-body densitometry in a transgender woman, probably by inflammatory reaction and fibrosis between adjacent tissues and the surface of the silicone prosthesis in the hip and buttocks, facilitating the passage of Xrays and overestimating lean mass. Case #4: Evidence of gender incongruity during investigation for high stature in prepubertal male, rejecting the use of testosterone to close the epiphyseal cartilage and initiating the use of high doses of estrogen and antiandrogen. Case #5: Induced cross-puberty in a transgender boy 10 years of age due to severe gender dysphoria, preserving bone age and mental health. CONCLUSION: Our cases illustrate uncommon presentations and hormonal responses in transgender patients.

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THE EFFECTS OF DRUG ABUSE ON YOUTH PRODUCTIVITY IN.., Al-Haimi Mohammed Ahmed, Gamal Abdul Hamid, Ahmed ..., INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PURE MEDICAL RESEARCH : Volume-1 | Issue-1 | January-2019

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